Poison Dart Frog – New Amazon Friends and their Less Talented Cousins

I have learned that not all frogs in the Peruvian Amazon are created equal.  Most frog camouflage themselves as a pretty solid plan to not become an appetizer for someone up the food chain.  But the poison dart frog takes a more assertive approach.  These little guys flaunt their brightly colored skin to let predators know that they may not be the best item on the lunch menu.  My guide told me that the frog’s skin secretes a dangerous poison that can paralyze and even kill predators.  The locals would capture the frogs and use this substance on the tips of blow darts and arrows that they would use when hunting monkeys or boar, or when taking aim at someone that pissed them off in a neighboring village in the jungles surrounding the Northern city of Iquitos, Peru.  I found this fascinating info. I just wished the guy would have told me this before my little friend was hopping around my arm.  Also pictured is a more common jungle frog with a camouflage look.  I think its earth tone outfit really brings out the color of its eyes, don’t you?  🙂    

Here is a Gallery of just two pictures.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Special Note: The photo gallery is best viewed on a computer screen.  Hope you enjoy.