Solo Traveling and the Magic of Giving Back in Mendoza, Argentina

This article is about the magical story of being called to give back to those in need while solo traveling in Mendoza, Argentina on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve Nochebuena Moon Over Mendoza and Giving Back to Those in Need Christmas Eve Moon Over Mendoza – Nochebuena and Giving Back to Those in Need It […]

An Amazing Gift of Love, Music and Travel Volunteering in a Lima Peru Preschool

This article provides a detailed account of my Birthday (Mi Cumpleaños) spent Volunteering in a Peruvian Preschool that is triumphing over poverty, and the unexpected and humbling gifts of love received and given that day that touched the life’s of many. They gave me love and they gave me music, and in turn I gave […]

The Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 2

The Beautiful Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 2 In Part 1 of this post I  gushed a bit about how this little humble preschool is a sanctuary and oasis by explaining where it is located in order to give you a brief glimpse into what they have worked through to make […]

The Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 1

PART 1 – Understanding The Villa Maria Del Triunfo Area The Peruvian volunteering assignment I was blessed to receive from the charity A Fresh Chapter was serving as a volunteer assistant in the Kusi Wawa Kuna preschool.  Read more about the teachers and Kids of this wonderful preschool in Part 2 of this blog post, […]

A whirlwind week so far! Lima Week 1

The first several days of my stay in Lima have been a whirlwind. Unlike some other tours and travel experiences, this trip is curated by a wonderful charity, A Fresh Chapter.   I will speak more about their very positive and progressive program, their integrated concepts of well-being and the quality individuals that facilitate and […]

Welcome to Exploring with Bruce – The “About Me” backstory

Hi I’m Bruce.  I am a Father, a music lover, a cancer survivor, a former corporate employee, a creative soul, a humanitarian that enjoys giving back and I really love to explore. I lived in Southern California most of my life, but things are changing now.  After a series of major life-altering events, I looked […]