Hi I’m Bruce.  I am a Father, a music lover, a cancer survivor, a former corporate employee, a creative soul, a humanitarian that enjoys giving back and I really love to explore.

I lived in Southern California most of my life, but things are changing now.  After a series of major life-altering events, I looked back at my life and realized something was missing.

Recently I began giving away much of what I own, I gave notice and moved out of my apartment, and after living in the Los Angeles area for most of my life, I decided to grab a few clothes and a camera and head out on the road.  Currently I am heading to South America for several months, and after that, who knows!

After years of signing on to a more conventional life, a life I thought I enjoyed at the time, those life events I mentioned above really put my life, my dreams and the sense of who I was and who I wanted to be into perspective.

Throughout my life’s journey I have met some amazing people, I’ve been exposed to some wonderful outlooks, I’ve learned some effective life strategies, and best of all, I have started to rediscover myself and what I love …. Traveling About – Exploring Within – Giving Back – Building Bridges.   And that’s why I am changing things up and heading out to discover a bit of the world, and a bit of myself at the same time.

See more about how I plan to give back and “Explore Within” in the introduction post titled Welcome to Exploring with Bruce – The “About Me” backstory and follow along on my current travels to South America and beyond.

My blog ExploringwithBruce.com aims to be more than a lifestyle blog, it is a blog about “Life.”

Thanks for viewing my journey and follow me on the social media listed in the blog, checking back for updates and learning how we can share this experience. 

Until next time,